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Another thing that sets us apart from other tour operators across the East and southern Africa region, is our resourceful and professional team that works tirelessly and with honesty in order to ensure they deliver what we promise to you once you choose to book with us.

Umoja Africa Journeys offers you authentic travel experience. We ensure that all our itineraries are up to date with unique activities that will create great memories for the clients. We know how to go in depth of our destinations, blending culture, local people, local food and wildlife in order for our clients to have a taste of both Worlds. We work hand in hand with our clients in order to tailor make packages that suit their desires.  You only have to dream it and we shall make it happen.

why choose umoja africa journeysWe make sure that our tourists travel in 4WD Land cruisers/land rover or tourism mini-van designed for the bumpy African roads. All our vehicles are custom-built and equipped with air-condition units, pop up roof, first aid box, coffee cups (For your hot coffee while on tour), a cooler box, a Wi-Fi router (For internet so you can stay connected with you families), charging sockets, binoculars and wildlife reference books. In addition, each vehicle is equipped with a mobile handset, giving countrywide communication with our tours manager, 24 hours a day

All guests of Umoja Africa Journeys travel safely with an educated and authorized company guide. In order to meet both ours and Uganda’s strict regulations to culture, safety and environment, we consistently tell guests not just what we do on our tours, but also how and why we go on them. This way, everyone can be a positive contribution to their own Africa experiences.

Authorized guides
We demand high focus on safety on our trips and have strict guidelines all year around. Whether we travel on the lake,avalanche area, hiking or by air. Our guides are authorized for Africa Guide Training based on the destination on the continent and many of our guides is also educated as Conservation Nature Guides.
Africa’s untouched wilderness has a value in itself but also a value to the tourism industry. The guide is the host in the guest’s encounter with nature and a key person to create experiences with quality.
In our annual guest surveys conducted, 95 percent of the tourists are satisfied with our guides during their stay with us. “95 percent of all tourists are satisfied with the guides ability for safe and secure guiding, knowledge level and ability to communicate. The guide’s role is very important in the overall experience.”

Guide seminar
Every year, during the off peak season, our guides organize guide seminars to prepare for the upcoming season. Three days are spent out in the field and the seminar involves safe travel on rough terrain, search and rescue, emergency preparedness, first aid and team building.This year, our guides will collaborate with the Uganda Wild life Authority and Uganda Tourism Board. The collaboration with tour operators, Tourism police and air rescue companies is very important. During this year’s training operation, we shall get a practical training on search and rescue. Our guides will be trained on how to take care of an injured patient and emergency management until police and rescue helicopters arrive.

Umoja Africa journey’s team and guides are highly professional and experienced and knowledgeable about Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania’s, tourism products. We plan and execute safari’s with the utmost care to make sure our clients who are our friends have a great safari – trip and get the most value for money in as safe and intriguing environment.

Our local team members have received the best training there is to ensure that they are well equipped with knowledge of the various tourism products and destinations. They undergo regular Tourist Board certifications to make sure that the information and knowledge they possess is correct and up to date. Whether it be English, Spanish, German, Italian or French, we speak your language. We have a guide to whom you can communicate your every need.

Umoja Africa journeys enthusiastic and professional team in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia. Zimbabwe have helped us grow to become the best and most trusted tour operator and partner in East and southern Africa and we look forward to serving you

We have great a relationships with local partners and service providers. Together we hand pick and tailor make the best itineraries with affordable prices. We know how to give value for money and have something for everyone.

Forget about the big agencies that handle large numbers of clients and forget to look into their tinniest details. We choose to stand out as a small boutique tour company that works closely with you, understands your needs and gives you exactly what you want. We pay attention to details and will often surprise you with that one thing you left out and yet you really need. Client satisfaction is our top goal.

Get to know Umoja Africa Journeys and our guides. Do you have any questions? Contact us 24/7.
Umoja Africa Journeys
We facilitate great moments and close experiences. Everything we do is grounded in our respect for our guests and the environment.
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