Buhoma Lodge

This lodge will make you feel at home throughout your stay in Bwindi National Park. It is one of the only two lodges found within the park boundaries. Thanks to this location, the  furnished balcony of all its cottages offer direct views into the forest. This allows you to watch gorillas and monkeys as they wander in search for food.

The lodge comprises of 10 chalets that are creatively built from local materials that are eco-friendly. In an effort to frustrate mosquitoes from entering into the lodge, each Chalet is fitted with insect proof window screens. Buhoma lodge is cozy and comfortable, but th its real charm i the staf. They work tirelessly to keep it a four star destination. They are very caring, attentive and no detail goes unnoticed. They are always very welcoming, informative and ensure your holiday is full of dream come-true memories.

You will be blown away by the cleanliness of the rooms and the authentic taste of food served in the dining area.

The massage therapy they offers is just what you need after a long day spent trekking gorillas in the park. It is pure bliss in a setting where sweet calls of Turacos & hornbills birds never end.It is excuted by a skilled therapist who will make you forget all your worries with just one touch.

Upon returning from your adventures in the forest, one of the staff will take your boots for cleaning and drying. When you get them back, you will be impressed by how they look new.

Throughout your stay, the dual shower heads and dual sinks will flow with warm water to warm you up from the brutal coldness of Bwindi. By the same token, you will be provided with warm water bottles each night to warm up your bed.

At the central lounge arena, you will find an open fire where you can unwind and mingle with other guests who are passionate about mountain gorillas.

Mahogany Springs

This cormfy and classy luxurious destination is few minutes walk away from the starting point for gorilla treks. It’s cottages are rustic, truly cozy and have a sense of privacy. Each has its own verandah where you can sit back, relax and take in views of tea plantations as sense of serenity flows over you.

 Like the Presidential suite here, all the other cottages have lots of space where you can do yoga or play with kids in case you have travelled with family. Their water pressure is pretty good.

At the main area, you will find a gift shop and a classy seating area with a mini-library and board games like chess.

Upon returning to the lodge after gorilla trekking, you will get a rejuvenating massage that soothes and relaxes the muscles.

Mahogany’s Management is top notch and everything works like automated. Staffs are courteous and professional.

If you wish to have a swim in a beautiful pond, you can take awalk to the river at the lodge. It is awe-inspiring and crystal clear, like a scene taken out of a story. The jungle surrounding it is refreshing, lush, and well maintained by Mother Nature. It is the kind of environment you would want to dwell in forever, and there is no better way of doing so than by swimming in them. This experience will offer you an impressive contact with nature—in an environment that is not crowded.

Nkuringo Gorilla Lodge

Whether you are a budget traveller, mid-range or luxury enthusiast, this lodge has delightful accomodation for you. These range from camp tents, Virunga Terrace rooms (8 well appointed rooms and 3 adjoining dedicated bathrooms) and self contained cottages. All of these are spacious and whats another word… exquisite mountain retreat. The art pieces hanging in them makes everything refreshing and eye catching. It’s communal lounge and dining rooms feel like a tree house due to their high elevation.

Although guests are not allowed to bring their own wine to the communal dining room, the options available are quite affordable. A bottle of remarkable South African wine goes for roughly 70,000UGX.

Thanks to its location atop Nteko, one of the highest ridges in Bwindi (2,140 meter above sea level), Nkuringo offers iconic birds views of the 7 majestic mountains of Virunga region. The bonus is a view of Nkuringo village, from where majority of the staff are recruited.  

If you love hiking, a range of options are available for you depending on your level of fitness. Some start from the immediate neighbourhood of lodge and go all the way to Kisoro District, en-route Lake Mutanda. Others cut across Bwindi’s Impenetrable Forest to Buhoma on the northern side of the Forest. The adventures will be guided by competent young men who can help you easily maneover challenging stretches of the hikes.


A holiday amidst all the greenery of Ichumbi and silence of the woods, will leave you feeling absolutely rejuvenated from within. It’s view of Bwindi will transport you to a different world where everything seems very remote. The V-shaped valleys, meandering rivers and green mountains dotted with tiny villages will charm your mind and awaken your soul.

The lodge’s name comes from a word in Rufumbira language which means, ‘ a cool, comfortable home ‘. Indeed, it lives to it’s name, offering top notch luxury that will make you feel like royalty. Ichumbi has 6 Luxury Cottages and 4 Standard Rooms.

The rooms are clean and spacious with a comfortable bed and they have a wrap around porch that over looks the forest. It is almost as if you are staying in a treehouse!

While it is quite unusual to find a lodge in the middle of a primitive jungle to have a good stock on wine and drinks, they deliver highly in this regard, offering a variety of drinks from all the six continents.

In an effort to lessen the dependency of locals on Bwindi through poaching, the lodge employs locals from the community. It also sources most of its farm fresh fruits from their gardens thereby offering them a sustainable source of income.

In an effort to save you from chilly weather at night, you will be offered a warm water bottle to warm up your bed. Each time you return from an adventure in the forest or community, you will be surprised with a refreshing juice and a hot towel to disinfect your hands.

The lodge is just five minutes walk away from the starting point for gorilla adventure.

Rushaga Gorilla Camp

While it is extremely rare to come across forest elephants as they are shy and elusive, at Rushaga they can be seen even thrice in a day. The lodge sits atop of a ridge overlooking a permanent spring of Bwindi’s forest–where they gather to play with water. The lodge has a cozy mountain ambiance and stunning sunrise that will leave you breathless.

The camp has unique cabins with tented sides and cormfy interiors. Inside these rooms, you will find king-sized beds with extra blankets to keep you warm throughout the night. Similarly, the bungalows have everything you need to relax after a long gorilla trekking excursion in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, inclusive of a private terrace. 

At Rushaga’s artistically decorated campfire setting, you can crown your day with a recap of highlights of your day.

 One of the things that really stands out here is the management. Smiles and laughter are abundant among staff. You will feel like they have your best interests at hear. They go above and beyond to give travellers a pleasant stay.

They cute shop has lots of hand crafted souvenirs you can take for your loved ones. These include baskets, sculptures of animals, huts, walking skills, African shirts.

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