12 Day- Luxury Uganda Tour

12 Days
  • 4x4 landcruiser
  • midrange, Lodges
  • Full board
  • Entebbe
  • 65


This 12 day safari in Africa will take your breath away. It’s a first class ticket to encountering Big 5, Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzee trekking, bird watching, bushwalks, community walks, cultural tours boat cruises, game drives and bush breakfast. From the word go, you will be staying in some of Uganda’s most outstanding safari lodges, most of which are eco-friendly in the real sense of the word.

Tour Highlighst

  • Arrival in Entebbe, Uganda
  • Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary
  • Game drives
  • Chimpanzee Tracking
  • Bwindi Impenetrable National Park


Upon arrival at Entebbe International Airport, you will be met by a professional Umoja Africa Journeys guide who will transfer you to your hotel. Overnight Protea Hotel (Marriott) Bed and Break fast
Situated in Kololo, an affluent neighbourhood in Kampala city, Protea is a four star hotel within walking distance from a gorgeous golf course and Uganda’s Independence grounds. One of the things that make it one in amillion is its people. Most travelers are hesitant to call them staff as everyone from the waiters to the security team genuinely care and cater to whatever one needs. Protea is ideal for both business and leisure travelers.

After breakfast drive to Murchison falls National Park with an en-route at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, a sanctuary to two dozens of white rhinos. It is the only place in Uganda where you can see rhino in a bush walk safari.

Murchison Falls National Park has 76 mammal species and 451 bird species. The River Nile runs through the park and attracts Nile crocodile, hippo and the rare semi-aquatic Sitatunga antelope. Among the activities you can do here include boat cruises, hot air balloon safaris, spot fishing, game drives, nature walks, chimp trekking and bird watching.

Overnight at Paraa Lodge (FB)
The lodge is located on the Northern part of the river. As such, you can get up early and be virtually alone with lions for long while—before tourists waiting for the ferry to pick them from the southern bank. Without it, they can't cross over due to the massive water volume of the river.

Early morning game drive. You can admire the wildlife and birdlife of Murchison Falls National Park and ask your driver guide lots of questions along the way.
Although Murchison is one of the three most visited parks in the country, it is still an immaculate setting. This is partly because the tour operators respect the no off-roading rule and don’t harass animals. Best of all, poaching its almost unheard of thanks to the patrol efforts by the rangers. As such, you are guaranteed of encountering even endangered species, like leopards.

Boat ride, after the morning game drive, you will have a boat cruise to the Nile Delta, home to the iconic Shoebill. Stretches of white water rapids dot the river beautiful. They are created as a result of the resistance that the river encounters as it forces its way down past static rocks to get downstream.
The rivers shoreline is alive with lots of lush vegetation that provide lions a perfect camouflage—as they wait to ambush prey. It is an immensely wildlife-rich expanse with countless schools of hippos, crocodiles, giraffes, elephants, buffaloes, Uganda Kobs.

The boat you will ride in is lovely and well looked after. It has extensive shade cover to protect you from burning sun rays. Both its upper and lower deck are built without windows to allow plenty of breeze into the boat. You cannot imagine how powerful this waterfall is till you have seen from the boat and subsequently from a vantage point that faces it. It flows in great volume and plummets over 40meters drop, landing with a bang.
Overnight at Paraa Lodge (FB)

Drive to Lake Albert, Kabwoya wildlife reserve. You will enjoy views of the Blue Mountains of the Democratic Republic of Congo beyond Lake Albert. During an evening game drive, you will be on the lookout for a wide variety of antelopes including Jackson’s hartebeest and primates such as the striking Black and White Colobus Monkey.
Overnight at Lake Albert Lodge (FB)

This lodge is found in Reserve, on top of a cliff overseeing Lake Albert. You will stay in small tent-houses ensuit with a bathroom, large bed and a small sitting area in front. The dining has an upstairs where you can behold mesmerizing views of the Lake and Congo Mountains. If it is your lucky day, you might see the iconic shoebill and over 100 birds.

Depart for Kibale Forest National Park, in Western Uganda, an incredibly diverse forest is home to over 335 bird species (some rare or endemic) and 13 species of primates including chimpanzee, red colobus monkey, the rare L’Hoest monkey, among others. You will undoubtedly enjoy this nature walk.
Overnight at Ndali Lodge (FB)

This family owned lodge sits on the top of a lush green mountain that overlooks Uganda’s most beautiful Crater Lake, Nyinambuga. Its cottages are so comfortable and have lovely outdoor showers. In the evening, you will have a candlelight dinner at the porch or under stars by the lake side.

Wake up early morning and head to the briefing station for your chimpanzee trekking. In Kibale Forest National Park you will track habituated Chimps. These engaging apes are the closed relatives to human beings and are great fun to watch as they play and fight in the fruit trees. Experienced guides will introduce you to the different members of the chimp families, as well as the birds and plant life of the forest.

If you are not worn out after the gorilla tracking, you could head out to tour of the scenic tea plantations.
The tour is a farm to cup experience that ends with sampling the different classes of tea as you enjoy cool weather at homes of local farmers. Whether you are a big fan of black tea or not, you will love this experience as the tea has a unique taste from any you have ever tasted. Best of all, the area produces enough tea for the international market. As such, you can take some home to enjoy for a while.

Overnight at Ndali Lodge (FB)

Depart for Queen Elizabeth National Park. The landscape of northern Queen Elizabeth comprises dozens of ancient craters carved into gentle rolling hills. Queen Elizabeth National Park has over 600 bird species, more than any other national park in Uganda. You will also be on the lookout for elephants!
Overnight at Kasenyi Safari camp (FB)

You will loved this camp. It has big tents with all comfort you wish for. A night in them will leave you feeling like you are sleeping outside due to their location at a part of the park with lots of wildlife. You will hear animals walking back and forth. Kasenyi’s bush dinner feels like paradise.

Early morning game drive. A popular route you may take for the game drive is the Kasenyi sector, well-known for its lions that prey on Queen Elizabeth’s large population of Uganda Kob (antelope). Wildlife to look out for includes elephants, antelope and occasionally a hyena. Later, you will take a boat for a water safari on the Kazinga Channel.

The boat tour provides an enjoyable way to experience an African sunset and its radiant fiery colors. The guides are passionate about their jobs and are always delighted to help, and share in your excitement of new discoveries. If you love birds, you will see nearly 90% of the 600 species to which the park is home. Don’t be surprised to find all kind of birds inclusive of fierce ones that eat the most deadly snakes like the black mamba. In addition, you might spot crocodiles clashing with hippos to protect their territories. Special bird sightings range from African skimmer, White-winged tern, Grey-winged robin-chat, African finfoot, Shoebill, Black-rumped buttonquail, Collared pratincole, Crab-plover, Pel’s fishing-owl, Palm-nut vulture

Overnight at Kasenyi Safari Camp (FB)

Depart for Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site and one of the richest biological and botanical regions in the world. Bwindi’s most-revered species are the approximately 400 wild Mountain Gorillas.
Overnight Mahogany springs Lodge (FB)

Your gorilla trek will start after a briefing by the rangers. Bwindi offers the most awe-inspiring gorilla viewing in Uganda, usually lasting two hours. With the head of the ranger guide who will leave your group, you will track down the gorillas to a random location where they are eating. On finding them, you will spend one hour observing their intriguing ways of life. The guides will interpret the animals’ behavior and advice on what you are watching. If time allows you will visit the Batwa.

Unlike Rwanda where gorilla trekking permits are priced at $1,500, Uganda gorilla trekking costs $600.
Overnight Mahogany springs Lodge (FB)

This comfy and classy luxurious destination is few minutes’ walk away from the starting point for gorilla treks. Its cottages are rustic, truly cozy and have a sense of privacy. Each has its own verandah where you can sit back, relax and take in views of tea plantations as sense of serenity flows over you.
Like the Presidential suite here, all the other cottages have lots of space where you can do yoga or play with kids in case you have travelled with family. Their water pressure is pretty good.

After breakfast drive from Bwindi to Lake Mburo National park on arrival check into the hotel. Later you will enjoy an evening game drive, boat ride and horseback riding experience. Lying at 1,220m-1,828m above sea level, this park in Western Uganda is one of Uganda’s Top 3 bird watching havens, it possess 350 recorded species. It has a wonderful combination of tranquil lakes, thriving papyrus jungles, endless grassland and pristine woodland where giraffes crane their neck to eat leaves.

Mburo has over 5,000 zebras. Watching them cross from one side of the park to the other is like witnessing a live migration. The energy, the sound and the stampede they cause is such a national Geographic spectacle. You will love every minute of it!

Over Night Mihingo Lodge (FB)
Sitting on the veranda of this luxurious eco-friendly lodge, you will behold a large valley stretching all the way to the horizon. As you take a refreshing swim at the lodge’s infinity pool, you will see lots of Buffalos and Zebras having a drink at the waterhole, as well as birds, monkeys and bush babies.

We will start our journey back towards Entebbe, with an Equator stop over. Your guide will thereafter drive you to the Airport in due time for your out bound flight

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12 Day- Luxury Uganda Tour
  • 4x4 landcruiser
  • midrange, Lodges
  • Full board
  • Entebbe
  • 65