“Confidence is key, you are brave!

It take a great amount of confidence to jump on a solo trip as a women. Actually when you tell your loved ones you’re going on a solo trip, I bet what runs in their minds is: she is really brave to take a trip to a new place alone.

When you travel solo you need to have your own back, you need to know how to survive in worst case scenarios, how to blend in, make new friend, how to treat the locals, respect the environment. We have read about women being robbed while on trip, or encountering wrong people, others falling sick and don’t know what to do, some losing their passports while in a city where they know nobody, others even running out of money. It’s because of such concerns and more that other women May fear, venturing into solo travel. But hey! Here are some of the safety tip we recommend for solo women traveller:

Read about the Uganda before you travel. Learn everything you can about the country before visiting. Do research as much as you can, make google your friend, visit blog post with information about Uganda, visit review pages like travel advisor and lastly as a female traveller, it’s always good to ask other solo female travellers about their past travel experience visiting that country. Read up on weather/natural disasters, bad areas, current political climate/unrest, cultural norms & dress, scams, and other helpful things to before visiting Uganda.  

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