Kampala is the capital city of Uganda with approx. 3 million people staying around the city. It is located in the central region of the country. It serves as the economic, political, and cultural hub of Uganda and is known for its lively atmosphere, diverse population, and rich history. Kampala has much to offer to tourists from the eating places, entertaining places to historic and religious attractions. Here below are the eye-catching attractions which can be seen in Kampala.

Uganda Museum.

The Uganda Museum is the oldest and largest museum in Uganda, located in the capital city of Kampala in Kamwokya suburb. It’s not far away from the central Kampala, so this is of an advantage as even those with tight budget can get a chance to see Uganda’s rich cultural history. Established in 1908, the museum is dedicated to preserving and showcasing Uganda’s rich cultural and natural history. The key features in the museum include Exhibits, Cultural Heritage, Natural History, Educational programmes, events and workshops.

The Kabaka’s palace,

The kabaka’s Palace, also known as Lubiri Palace, is the royal residence of the king of the Buganda kingdom located in Kampala, Uganda. The kabakas palace is for the Baganda kingdom which is the biggest and strong kingdom in the central Uganda. The palace serves as a symbol of the region’s rich cultural heritage and traditional architecture, offering visitors a fascinating glimpse into the history and customs of the Buganda kingdom.  the Kabaka’s Palace is a must-see destination for those interested in exploring Uganda’s royal traditions and heritage.

Namugongo shrine,

Namugongo Shrine is an important religious site in Uganda. It is where a group of Christian converts, including both Catholics and Anglicans, were martyred in the late 19th century for their refusal to renounce their faith. Every year on June 3rd, pilgrims from around the world gather at the shrine to commemorate the lives and sacrifices of these martyrs.

The shrine serves as a place of reverence, reflection, and pilgrimage, drawing people from diverse backgrounds to honor the legacy of faith and resilience. The site holds a special place in the hearts of Ugandans and is a symbol of religious devotion and unity. Pilgrims walk from different countries to come and pray and get blessings from this place, people walk from Kenya, Tanzania and other countries. Prayers are conducted on 3rd June every year, and services are divided into two, those who are protestants and Catholics, each religion have a different area of prayer. At the side of protestants, a museum was constructed showcasing images of how the martyrs were killed.

Gaddafi Mosque,

The Gaddafi National Mosque, it was commissioned by the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and completed in 2006. The mosque’s striking architecture and towering minarets make it a distinctive feature of the city’s skyline. With its capacity to accommodate thousands of worshippers, the mosque serves as a central hub for the Muslim community in Uganda and attracts visitors from far and wide.

It stands as a symbol of religious diversity and cultural heritage within the country, offering a place for prayer, reflection, and communal gatherings. The mosque is located in central Kampala and this makes it easy to reach. It is a very important place for especially the moslem faith people.

Kasubi Tombs

The Kasubi Tombs, is among the UNESCO World Heritage Site and serve as the traditional burial grounds for the kings of Buganda. This cultural site holds immense significance and is revered by the Baganda people as a place of spiritual and historical importance. The architectural design of the tombs, as well as the rituals and customs associated with them, provide an insight into the rich traditions and beliefs of the Buganda kingdom. The Tombs are still under construction after being burnt by fire on 6th march 2010. It is not yet fully open but visitors.

Where to Eat around Kampala City.

There are many eating places around Kampala where visitors can reach to have good meals. some good restaurants around include, La Cabana Restaurant, the Lawns restaurant, Café Javas eating place, 2k restaurant, Khana Khazana and many more. The restaurant has different type of food, some prepare local and others international dishes.

Where to sleep around Kampala

There are many hotels around Kampala, ranging from budget, midrange and luxury. Some of them are here below.

Cassia lodge

It is located in Kampala, on slopes of Buziga hill, The lodge has different views including Lake Victoria. The rooms are good with balconies to allow visitors enjoy the views of Kampala.

Other facilities at the lodge include, flat screen TV’s, mini fridges, restaurant, a bar, outdoor pool, and many more. The lodge is near very important places in Kampala like Ggaba beach and many others. This makes it a perfect place to spend a night from different activities in Kampala.

Protea Hotel by Marriot

It is located in Kampala central; the Hotel provide luxury services to visitors. Different visitors whether tourists, or those for business etc., they find protea as a suitable place to stay for a night or nights. Among the services offered here include, dining, air-conditioned fitness center, conference and meeting, Restaurants and many more. The hotel has good and experienced staff ready to make your stay at protea memorable.

Situated in the up-market suburb of Kololo only 35 km from the Entebbe airport their hotel features refreshing en suite rooms with air-conditioning, a business center, 24-hour reception and 24-hour room service, this is the best place for all types of travelers in Kampala.

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