This packing list below can help to be well prepared and comfortable during your adventure. If you do forget a few things, don’t worry, you can pick up most everyday items in town before you leave.
Travel Documents
• Valid passport
• Yellow fever vaccination records/ certificate.
• Tanzania visa, available at airport upon arrival, USD $100 per person
• Copy of flight itinerary.
• Copy of travel and/or medical evacuation insurance.
• Personal medical/dental insurance cards.
• Credit card (Visa and MasterCard are most widely accepted).
• Cash in U.S. Dollars (bills MUST have been issued in 2006 or later)

Try to stay away from bright colours – khaki, brown, beige/tan, and green these colours blend in well with the bush and other neutral colours tend to work well. It is probably best if you dress in layers since it can get cold, but also very hot.
• Sweater or fleece pullover to keep warm
• Sturdy boots or sandals
• Sun hat
• Sun glasses
• T-shirts or polo shirts (2-5 depending on how often you want to change)
• Long sleeve shirts (light weight)
• Shorts
• Long trousers
• Underwear
• Socks
• Sleepwear
• Travel towel
• Thermal underwear, gloves and warm hat (during May – Sept)
• Rain coat and rain trousers (During rainy season Mar – May and Oct – Dec)
• Beach Clothes

Highly recommended
• Camera and memory cards
• Binoculars
• Sunscreen
• Hand sanitizer and wet wipes
• Insect Repellent
• Personal toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, eye drops etc)
• Malaria tablets
• Basic first aid kit and prescription medicines
• Flashlight or headlamp
• Chargers and extra batteries for your camera, phone etc
• Power adapter to fit the UK style electrical socket

Others tips
Bring soft luggage such as a duffel bag, hiking pack or sports bag. These are ideal for packing into a safari vehicle. Hard suitcases can often be difficult to fit into the vehicles.
Bring a backpack to carry all of your important items including travel documents, money, camera, medication etc. You should keep this backpack with you at all times.
Keep luxury items such as hair dryers/ straighteners, expensive jewellery, make up and bulky toiletries to an absolute minimum. If in doubt, leave them out.
If you plan to bring cash, divide it into different areas of your carry-on luggage, wallet and money belt just in case something happens to one of those carry items.
Leave some space in your luggage for the all-important souvenirs that you will probably buy. There are places where you can send packages home via DHL etc, however this can sometimes be an expensive option.
Visa on arrival is 100$ per person and typically, each guest brings around $1,000 – $1,200: $400 – $500 cash for souvenirs and beverages, $350 – $450 cash for tips, and $250 emergency cash. Please note many guests choose to bring more, as it may be difficult to obtain more cash, but you can always bring extra back home.

Tips policy is suggesting at list 20$ per person per day.
The weather in Tanzania during September is average. The temperatures are confortable with low of 15 C⁰ and high up to 27 C⁰.
Shots and vaccinations suggested when travel to Tanzania are for Coronavirus, Monkeypox, Malaria, Yellow fever, Rabies, Hepatitis A & B, Diptheria / Tetanus / Polio, Typhoid and Cholera.

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